Friday, 18 May 2007


I have read many reports about the expressionless faces of Howler Monkeys. I intend to upload a number of photographs which I think give the lie to those comments. Tell me what you think. The comment facility is there for you to use. This is a fun piece not to be taken too seriously. You could try to put a meaning to the expressions. This last picture shows Manina in a playful mood. He has stolen my hat and won't give it back.
Above that picture is Schatov at supper; he really enjoys his late night nosh.
Second from the top Sussy has just been introduced to an official from the Mayors office. She is not a bit impressed by 'Roja Rojita'.
And for the time being our last picture, the one at the top, is Totto and Sophie (left), enjoying a plate of peanuts.